Helixa-XT Torque Tester

Helixa-XT Torque Tester

  • Helixa XT

Helixa-XT Torque Tester

The Helixa-XT Torque Tester is designed for precision design applications, where torque forces may be very small and where accuracy is paramount.  The Helixa accepts interchangeable intelligent torque cells for measurement from just a few mN.m up to 6 N.m, with a resolution of 1:6,500 and an accuracy of ±0.5% of full scale. Our experienced engineers can design and manufacture custom fixtures for your specific sample profiles.

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The Helixa-XT precision torque tester provides the ideal solution for measuring very low to medium torque variations on a variety of delicate or finely-engineered products. Its counterbalancing mechanism allows the removal of axial force, whilst also enabling the application of precise top-load or tensile force when required. The drive spindle can be user-aligned for precise concentricity with the intelligent torque cell. Our experienced engineers can design and manufacture custom fixtures for your specific sample profiles. The Helixa accepts interchangeable intelligent torque cells for measurement from just a few mN.m up to 6 N.m, with a resolution of 1:6,500 and an accuracy of ±0.5% of full scale.

Key benefits:
• Precision: measure low-torque values from just a few mN.m up to 6 N.m
• Alignment: each fixture may be precisely aligned with the torque cell axis for extreme low torque measurement
• Exacting: counterbalance eliminates the weight of a grip being applied to a sample
• Versatile: top-loading capability to apply a predefined axial load, particularly suited to push-down twist testing child-resistant closures
• Flexible: complete with a set of standard accessories for securing even the lightest samples, with custom fixtures also available.

Applications for which the Helixa has been designed include:
• Luer fittings (slip and lock)
• Dosage-dial drug delivery devices (e.g. insulin pens)
• Light and miniature torsion springs
• Electronics rotary controls and components
• Fine and high-performance bearings
• Child-resistant closures (CRCs)
• Cosmetics twist-dispensers (e.g. lipsticks)

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Technical Data


Available sensors (all measure from zero to the value indicated in the table below)

Model HTC 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6
N.m 0.1 0.2 0.3 1 1.5 3 6
kgf.cm 1 2 3 10 15 30 60
lbf.in 0.9 1.8 2.7 9 13 26 50

Accuracy ±0.5% of full scale
Resolution 1:6500
Units of measurement mN.m, N.cm, N.m, kgf.cm, gf.cm, ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft
Sampling rate 1000 Hz, 500 Hz, 100 Hz, 50 Hz, 10 Hz (user selectable)


Maximum displacement 2,500 revs
Accuracy ±0.1°
Resolution 0.2°


Range 0.1 – 30 rev/min (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
Accuracy ±0.2% of indicated speed
Resolution 0.1 rev/min

Axial alignment

Total runout (without fixtures) Better than ±0.25 mm

Static weights (maximum) 

Rear counterbalance 40 N (max)
Axial load via masses on platen 60 N (max)


Maximum headroom 292 mm without fixtures
Crosshead travel 127 mm without bellows
Throat depth 111 mm with bellows
Opening span of lower mounting table 10 – 190 mm (0.39 – 7.5″)
Opening span of upper mounting table 10 – 78 mm (0.39 – 3.07″)
Height 758 mm
Width 586 mm (Helixa-xt)
Depth 414 mm (without external counterbalance)

             505 mm (with external counterbalance and weights)
Weight  32 kg (Helixa-xt)     

Common specifications

Maximum power requirements 120 W
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V AC 60 hz
Operating temperature 10 – 35°C (50 – 95°F)
Humidity range Normal industry and laboratory conditions, non-condensing


Digital I/O 6 input, 6 output (TTL)
Output of test results to PC/printer/datalogger
Yes – Includes auto-export to Microsoft Excel. Also data-export via RS232 port (direct or via USB/Network converter in ASCII format)
Network communications Ethernet RJ45, USB for external wireless connectivity

Emperor™ Software

Emperor torque testing software runs on any Windows computer. The software takes full control of the test frame motor whilst simultaneously collecting data from the ITC torque sensor and angle encoder. Easy-to-use software with almost limitless freedom to design and customise torque tests to suit your needs. 

Key features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Console mode for operators
    Dedicated mode for the production line environment – designed for routine testing with minimal training.
  • Realtime graph plotting
    Measurement data is displayed on a graph as the test runs, so that the user can see exactly how the specimen is performing. Data from the ITC torque sensor and angle encoder is collected by Emperor torque software at an impressive 1,000 times per second (1 kHz).
  • Display measured and calculated values
  • Clear pass/fail indication
    A clear pass (green) or fail (red) indication leaves an operator in no doubt about the status of each specimen, based on your test standards.
  • Standard and customisable report templates
    A powerful reporting module allows you to configure test reports to present data the way your customer wants to see it.
  • Print results to Adobe PDF format
  • Export data to Excel and SPC packages


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